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Best Calendar in Europe 2009


The work called “Walking calendar” created for HUGGIES by Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak has won Gold at the European Design Awards 2009, nomination for the Best Calendar.

This year the awarding ceremony took place in Zurich (Switzerland) on May, 17 as a part of the European Design Festival, where the best designers from all over the continent get together every year. It is already two years running that Yurko Gutsulyak wins this award and he is a well-known person among the European designer circles by now. European Design Awards is held under the patronage of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) with the assistance of 12 leading magazines in the field of design: 2+3D, +design, étapes, idpure, [kAk), Novum, TYPO, designaustria, Graphic, Progetto Grafico, Visual, Grafik Tasarim. The representatives of these magazines are on the jury and that is why the winners’ works are of the excellent quality. As a summary of the awarding, the annual is published, where all the winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze and some finalists are shown. The catalogue is distributed all around the world and it represents the quality of the European design annually.

Michel Chanaud, Editor & Art Director étapes (France):
"Young children have no notion of time. They live in the present, and the future is even more unclear than yesterday, which is just a vague memory. The winning calendar is an appealing solution to materially mark time by linking it to that unit of human measurement: the step".

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