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In May 2015 Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak celebrates its 10th birthday.

10 years for us mean 28% of Yurko’s life and 24% of Zoryana’s life. We have worked in 2 offices and have created 211 projects for 69 clients. 19% out of our works have been awarded. We have received 94 professional awards in design and advertising as well as 22 times we have been shortlisted. Yurko was invited to join jury panel - 8 times  for international festivals and 4 times for national ones. He visited 29 countries and gave 15 lectures within 6 countries.

In a course of 10 years we have had 88 publications and 11 interviews in 58 printed media all around the globe. Our projects were featured on the covers for 4 times. We have registered 9 cases of plagiarism and copyright's violations concerning our projects. In addition we even launched some trends.

In general at least 3 millions of people have seen our design in printed media and Internet. A few dozens (maybe even hundreds) of millions people have seen our works in the supermarkets and on the streets of Ukraine and far abroad.

Our clients still refuse to inform us how much money they earn with our design. On the other hand we are happy they continue to work with us and trust us. Thank you for these 10 years!

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