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18th Chestnut Run

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Year of creation:

Art director:
Yurko Gutsulyak

The Chestnut Run is an annual sports and charity initiative that opens the Day of Kiev celebrations and takes place on every last Sunday of May on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in the city center. The funds raised within the project go towards the Infant Cardiology and Cardiac surgery Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to purchase the necessary equipment and medications.

The Chestnut Run is:
• one of the largest charity events in Ukraine
• sport competition included into the program of the State Sports Committee of Ukraine 
• a festive event for the entire family

The task:
To develop the key visual for a mass sport event - the 18-th Chestnut Run. The elaborated concept should combine the notions: Sport, City of Kiev, Celebration, Family, and Society.  The key visual should be easy to adapt to a wide range of communication components of the project.  These are the promotional products - boards, city lights, posters, printed media, flyers; business and representative documentation – folders, leaflets, letterheads; the Internet – official website of the Run, banner advertising; souvenirs – number plates for the runners, CDs, and the traditional T-shirt souvenir. The Run’s T-shirt is assumed to be a fan-club attribute, which many participants collect from year to year. 

The solution:

The unique feature of the 18-th Chestnut Run corporate identity is that using the simplest elements - both for human perception and in terms of graphics – we managed to create a vivid image and convey the very idea and atmosphere of the campaign. We haven’t invented anything new, but merely showed something that people started to ignore: Kiev in May and sincerity of human intentions. 
The colors used portray the blue spring sky, the young green leaves and the pink flowers of the chestnut trees. The pattern of equilateral triangles is a distinctive method of the graphical interpretation of the chestnut "candles”. Throughout the history the chestnut tree became an integral part of the recognizable symbols of our city. The same pattern is often used on the soles of athletic shoes.  The “Oksana” font by Andriy Shevchenko is quite Ukrainian and extremely “humane”. The designed style is very flexible and versatile, in other words – “lively”. It does not limit, but opens new opportunities. The T-shirt depicts the traditional route of the Chestnut Run – Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, Bessarabskaya Square, Lev Tolstoy Square, the Republican Stadium and back.

The result:

For the first time in 18 years the Chestnut Run campaign got a bright memorable image that really attracted attention and created a cheerful spring mood for the Run’s participants as well as for the residents of our city.
As it was planned, the T-shirt became a collector’s souvenir desired even by the people unrelated to the Run.
In one day the Chestnut Run 2010 set two Records of Ukraine. During the 18-th sports and charity Chestnut Run the record number of air balloons in the country was launched and the event itself became the biggest sports and charity campaign in Ukraine.

Awards :
SILVER — Popok (Armenia), 2010, the “Graphic Design” Category 
SHORTLIST — KAKADU Awards (Ukraine), 2011, the “Design” Categor
SHORTLIST — KIAF (Ukraine), 2011, the “Communication Design” Category

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